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Hey everyone, I am babysitting right now, and I am kind od bored. The kids are not getting along and the girl keeps hitting her brother. It's not making me happy. Haha. She has a really big attitude, but I don't know, whatever. I am still sad that Nate didn't call me. Grr. I have to work in the morning, I know I all reay said it, but I am saying it again, so blah. I really want to go bowling, it's all I really want to do, It's my life.

I need a boyfriend, but anyone that I like always ends up dating someone else, or all ready dating someone else, or they are too young, or too old. Gah.

Cher - I saw you at work, and it was fun stuff. It was like you were all professional and stuff. Haha. I'm lovin' it. Poop, I am tired. I will talk to you tomorrow probably because when you get home it will be in the wee hours of the night. And I will be sleeping. I will talk to you later babeh!
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