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Pieces of us die everyday...

This song is depressing as fuck. Maybe it's just me, though.

Yeah man, I really, really want you to come over. I want to show you Squirtle's tank, really bad. She's like super happy now. Like normally when I took her out she'd be all lazy and stay inside her shell, but now when I take her out she crawls around like crazy.

I seriously don't know how the fuck I'll have time to go home, eat, and change before work tomorrow if I work at 1130 and get out of class at 11. I'm going to have to bring my work clothes to school and change at work or something. Lame. We should get the day off for Veteran's Day, too.

I have a crapload of laundry today and I'm tired as fuck. I'm always tired, I should be used to it.

Friday I fucking get out of work at 4. How fucking rad is that? We should hang after I get out. Or Saturday, I'm out at 5, which is almost as awesome. Or Sunday 'cause I'm off.

Did I tell you I'm getting new glasses? I can't remember if I did or not.

Erik is sick. He's all grouchy and asshole-like.

Blah. I better get started on that laundry, it's almost 10. Tonight = doing whatever the fuck until Roseanne, then after Rosie I'll try and sleep. Last night I was awake all the way until after the first Who's The Boss episode. That sucks.

Hahaha. "this girl I knew thinks hes hot, so maybe I would try and hook them up or something." Ohhhhh Beccccca. Haha.
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