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we go down together.

Becca and Sharon
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This is the journal of Becca and Sharon. In this journal we will write about our day, messages to each other, or whatever the fuck we want.

About Sharon -- I'm eighteen years old and was born on August 31, 1986 in Syracuse, NY. Becca is my best friend in the entire world. I have three brothers, no sisters. I have a dog, 4 cats, 4 birds, a turtle, a rabbit, and fish. I'm a freshman at the community college here, majoring in Liberal Arts. Yes I'm a McDonald's employee, yes I am comfortable with that, I am enlightened. I play the violin, and I "dabble" in piano, cello, and guitar. If you hand me an instrument, it's likely that I can pick it up and with little time play a song by ear. I like to write, but I don't write as much anymore as I should. I watch a lot of movies, and read a lot of books. My favourite movie is Fight Club and my favourite author is Chuck Palahniuk. That's pretty much it.

About Becca -- Hi. My name is Becca and I am 18. I am currently a student at FSU. It's not fun at all, but you know I have to do it. Yeah. My best friend is Cher, and I love her to death. Bowling is my thing, I would do anything to own my own bowling alley and to be able to bowl whenever I wanted to. I am a pretty fun loving person, who will talk to anyone when they are down in the dumps, or just to talk. Most of my friends say I am a clown, and they are probably right, I like to make people laugh. Well, yeah, that's me I guess.

Contact --
Sharon's LJ -- stoptheclocks
Sharon's AIM -- youre a tourist
Sharon's E-Mail -- xhanglikeastarxx@aol.com

Becca's LJ -- curmboxskillet
Becca's AIM -- Bugz9
Becca's E-Mail -- bugz09@hotmail.com